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General Questions

Q: Who should wear Medical ID Jewelry?
A: The following is a list of medical conditions that warrants wearing Medical ID Jewelry:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • Autism/Special Needs Children
  • Blood Disorders
  • Blood Thinners (i.e. Coumadin, Warfarin)
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Drug Allergies (i.e. Penicillin, morphine, sulfa)
  • Emphysema/Breathing Disorders
  • Epilepsy/Seizures
  • Food Allergies (i.e. Peanut, shellfish, tree nuts)
  • Hearing, vision, or mentally impaired
  • Heart Disease (i.e. Angina, atrial fibrillation, pacemakers)
  • Insect Allergies (i.e. Bee Stings)
  • Kidney Disease
  • Pulmonary Conditions (i.e. Asthma, COPD)
  • Sickle Cell Anemia
  • Surgery, transplant, cancer patients


Q: Why Wear Medical ID Jewelry?
A: Medical ID Jewelry speaks on your behalf in case of an emergency when you are unable to do so. Benefits of wearing Medical ID Jewelry include:

  • A prompt and effective diagnosis that greatly assists proper treatment
  • The ability to have a contact reached in an emergency
  • The prevention of misdiagnosis which can lead to harmful medical errors or unnecessary treatment


Q: Do First Responders look for Medical ID Jewelry?
A: Upon arrival in an emergency, first responders are trained to perform a head to toe check for Medical ID Jewelry, most commonly looking for Medical ID Bracelets or Necklaces.


Q: When should I wear my Medical ID?
A:You should wear your Medical ID at all times. Not wearing your Medical ID allows for an opportunity for you to be improperly diagnosed during an emergency.


Q: What should I engrave on my Medical ID Jewelry?
A: We encourage you to speak to your physician or pharmacist for their recommendations on what conditions you should have engraved onto your Medical ID Jewelry.

Our customer service representatives are trained to assist you as well. We can be reached at 877-651-5186, Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm EST and Fridays 8:30am-12:30pm EST

The following is a list of recommended conditions to have engraved:

  • Your underlying medical condition is the most important item to engrave on your Medical ID Jewelry. This speaks on your behalf when you are unable to do so.
  • Medications that you are taking or are allergic to.
  • Allergies: Including, but not limited to Drug, Food, & Insect allergies
  • ICE: (In case of emergency phone number) This allows a family member or friend to be contacted in case you are in an emergency
  • Your name, this helps first responders communicate with you in case of an emergency


Q: How do I order my Medical ID Jewelry?
A: You can place your order in one of three ways:

    • Online: Select the items you wish to purchase, select the engrave button to personalize your Medical ID Jewelry, add it to your cart. You will need to provide us your shipping & payment information. We accept all major credit cards.
    • Call us: Our trained friendly staff is waiting to help you place an order or answer any questions you may have. We accept all major credit cards for payments made over the phone. Call us Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm EST and Fridays 8:30am-12:30pm EST at 877-651-5186
    • Mail: You can mail us a product brochure. Select the item(s) you wish to purchase, be sure to provide correct spelling for your custom engraving. We accept all major credit cards, checks, or money orders for payment. Please do not send cash.

      Mail Payments To:
      Hope Paige Medical
      7780 49th St N 309
      Pinellas Park, FL 33781


Q: Does Hope Paige ship internationally?
A: Yes, please call us for international rates at 877-651-5186.


Q: How can I get a product brochure?
A: You can call us during business hours, Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm EST and Fridays 8:30am-12:30pm EST at 877-651-5186 or you can email your request along with your mailing information to


Q: I work in a doctor’s office are there brochure programs available?
A: Yes we will happily supply your office a brochure stand and brochures free of charge. You may fill out this form, or email us at . Put Doctor Office Brochures in the header. Or call us directly Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm EST and Fridays 8:30am-12:30pm EST at 877-651-5186.


Q: I have a store or pharmacy, are there programs available for us?
A: Yes we have free retail programs available where you can get a percentage of sales by placing our brochures on your pharmacy or store counter. Please call the office directly to find out about your options.


Q: How long does it take to get my order? What are the available shipping/rush options?
A: Order processing will vary depending on the method of shipping and handling you select. We do offer rush and expedited shipping options, as well as standard and basic options. They include:

  • Basic S/H: Delivery in 3-4 weeks for $5.75
  • Standard S/H: Delivery in 2-3 weeks for $7.95
  • Priority S/H: Delivery in 3-5 business days for $19.95

If you need your product the next day, or want a different shipping service call the office so we can get your product to you. Monday-Thursday 8:30am-5:30pm EST and Fridays 8:30am-12:30pm EST at 877-651-5186.


Q: What is Hope Paige Medical’s Product Warranty?
A: All products sold by Hope Paige Medical come with a 90 day warranty on manufacturer defects from the date of purchase. When you receive your order, please review the items carefully for any defects or errors. The warranty does not include:

  • Repairs made by anyone other than our skilled jewelry team
  • Scratching or dents that come from everyday use
  • Lost/misplaced products
  • Change after order in engraving information. Please double check all spelling and engraving upon submission. We are not responsible for any misspelling or information incorrectly submitted.
  • If you do not measure your wrist and select the incorrect size


Q: If I have noticed that I have made a mistake in communicating my engraving instructions, what do I do?
A: Please contact us immediately, advise us of the situation, and if your item has not been engraved, we will be happy to receive the proper information from you and will engrave it properly.


Q: What is Hope Paige Medical’s Return Policy?
A: As your Medical ID is custom engraved and personalized, engraved items are non-refundable and non-returnable. We will replace all products that arrive damaged or with manufacturing defects, this must be reported to us within 7 days of receipt of the product. If a non-personalized/non-engraved item needs to be returned, it must be in its original packaging. Shipping and Handling fees are non-refundable.

To return a product you must call the office to receive a RMA number. Any returns without a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number will not be accepted.

Please send all returns, with a copy of your order and your RMA number clearly stated to:

Hope Paige Medical
7780 49th St N  #309
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Attn: Returns 


Q: How do I determine my appropriate bracelet size?
A: Measure your wrist carefully. Each product is listed with a size to fit the actual size of your wrist. Please check sizing on the product information description. Feel free to call us if you need assistance because product returns are not available for incorrect sizing.


Additional Resources

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Fun, stylish medical ID braclets that you'll love to wear!
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