Allergies affect people at any age. Children are especially susceptible. Protect your family from potentially dangerous skin, food and air allergens.

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8 Most Common Food Allergies for Children

Food allergies are all too common, and so are the foods that cause them. In fact, just eight foods account for 90% of all food-related allergic reactions in the United States. (read more)

Allergy 101

Fun infographic with statistics on allergies in the United States, particularly related to kids. Print and post in the classroom or share with a friend. (read more)

Attack of the Allergens

Colorful infographic shows how common childrens allergies are in the United States. Perfect for posting to social media or sharing with other parents. (read more)

Food Allergies and Your Child

By eight months, your baby’s diet already includes a variety of grains, fruits, vegetables and protein, and by 24-months, there is almost nothing your baby can’t eat. (read more)

How to Tell if Your Child or Baby has Allergies

How do you separate an allergy from a typical kids' cold or an upset stomach after a meal? You just have to know the signs. Use these tips to keep a watch for potential allergies. (read more)

Stopping Allergic Reactions at School

While attending school, your child is the responsibility of someone other than yourself for the first time. This tends to be a frightening concept for most parents. (read more)

Teaching Your Child About Food Allergies

Parents can't be by their children's sides at all times. So it's important to educate kids about food allergies in order to keep them safe even when parents aren't around. (read more)

Throwing a Dinner Party for Guests with Allergies

Planning and hosting a successful dinner party can sometimes be more complicated than anticipated. When you throw allergy sufferers and picky eaters in the mix, the situation gets even stickier. (read more)