Diabetes and heart disease are contributed to through factors like diet, activity, smoking, stress and more. Reduce your risks for these diseases.

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How to Reduce Your Risks of Diabetes and Heart Disease


(NOVEMBER 2013) We live in a time when modern medicine transcends what we thought possible. Our lifespans lengthen with each medical advancement. Still, individuals must do their part to keep their bodies healthy. For far too many, poor lifestyle choices lead to increased risks of heart disease and diabetes.

Smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and other factors negatively impact our individual and community health. The good news is it’s never too late to make changes for the better.

The following steps can help reduce your chances of heart disease and diabetes.

Quit smoking

It’s common knowledge that smoking is detrimental in numerous way. Smokers are twice as likely to experience a heart attack versus those who don’t smoke or have quit. Not to mention the effects of secondhand smoke on those around you.

Keep your cholesterol in check

Ideally, your total cholesterol number should be below 200. To be more specific, your LDL (bad cholesterol) should be 100 or below and your HDL (good cholesterol) should be above 40. This helps ensure your heart is running well.

Exercise regularly

Being active is the best way to help lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Keeping fit and maintaining a healthy weight through exercise is the best option. Even light exercise like walking helps. Experts agree that lack of exercise can lead to late-life diabetes.

Eat better

Eating properly balanced, healthy meals puts you on track for a healthy lifestyle. Keep it low in fat and cholesterol and eat fresh, non-processed foods to feel better and get great nutrition. For more information, see our post on Diet Tips for Those with Heart Disease.

Manage stress

Our lives move so fast that it can be hard to keep up. This leads to stress. Try controlling stress and anger through relaxation techniques. Remember, even our setbacks are steps to greater goals.

Hope Paige wants to help people live healthy lives. If you’re living with a heart condition or diabetes, improve your health using the tips above. We also recommend wearing medical ID bracelets to provide critical health information to first responders in case of emergency.