sms text technology for medical id bracelets

Purchase your TextID®, register your unique PIN, and create your secure profile, including your medical information and up to 10 emergency contacts
Wear your TextID® bracelet in a highly visible location for first responders to see.
First responders will text your PIN to 51020 and receive your "ICE" information.

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How it Works

Simply purchase your TextID®, register your unique PIN, and create your profile, including medical information and up to 10 emergency contacts. You determine what information you want to make available. Now, in an emergency, a first responder will text your PIN to 5-10-20 and, within seconds, receive a return text with critical, potentially life-saving information. First responders can notify your emergency contacts right from their phone.

Who it's for

  • Anyone with a medical condition(s)
  • Anyone taking medication regularly
  • Anyone who may be unable to effectively communicate their medical conditions
  • Athletes who train and participate in events
  • People engaged in an active lifestyle
  • Anyone with a complicated medical history
  • Children, elderly who wander

What Makes TextID® so unique?

  • You don't have to text to wear TextID®…first responders do the texting!
  • There's no limit to the amount of information you can enter
  • Update your profile at any time from any computer or smart phone
  • Provides the most up-to-date information, enabling first responders to make the best medical decisions for you
  • Allows fast and easy access to up to 10 emergency contacts
  • Communicates critical information when every second counts

*We are proud to be in partnership with ICEdot in offering our customers this revolutionary safety product.

About ICEdot

ICEdot, formally Invisible Bracelet, is emergency ID and notification software. ICEdot utilizes: the Internet, mobile applications and SMS technology to quickly identify a patient, relay important medical information and provide emergency contacts in case of emergency (ICE). ICEdot has an exclusive partnership with the American Ambulance Association (AAA) which helps further EMT education about their software so medics can identify and use the ICEdot service.