Fun stylish medical ID bracelets that you will love to wear!

Kelly's Thoughts On Things
September 17, 2016 "Whether you have a dangerous food allergy, or a medical condition that first responders need to be alerted to, Hope Paige has ID bracelets for everyone and everything."

Gear Diary
January 28, 2016  Editor Editor Judy Lipsett Stanford says "Everyone with a food allergy or medical condition should wear a medical ID of some kind (heck, I even have to wear one); Hope Paige makes bracelets you and your kids will be proud to wear — you should check out their site!"

Ser Padres

August 5, 2015 Hope Paige is featured on Ser

Houston Chronicle

May 7, 2015  The Houston Chronicle announced Kendall Hollas, 17, as a Herb it Forward Scholarship recipient.

The Charlotte Observer

April 17, 2015  The Charlotte Observer featured a story about Lucia Coppola, Herb it Forward Scholarship recipient. “This scholarship means I will be able to pursue a career in social work and continue to serve my community professionally,” Coppola said.

May 7, 2015 writes, "If you aren't ready to go all the way in with a permanent [medical ID] tattoo, there is a company called Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace that sells temporary medical ID tattoos (6 pack is $3.99) for people who may be going for a day hike or just want to try one out for a day or two.

Drive the District

April 20, 2015  Shelly Fisher, President & CEO of Hope Paige was featured on in an article titled, "Jewelry that Saves Your Life and Completes Your Outfit." 

Lexington County Chronicle

April 9, 2015  The Lexington County Chronicle featured a story about Megan Sease, Herb it Forward Scholarship recipient.

Upper Bucks Free Press

April 2015  The Upper Bucks Free Press featured an article on Tara Wasserman, Herb it Forward Scholarship recipient, on page 5 of their April 2015 issue.

Cornelius Today

April 8, 2015  Cornelius Today interviewed Lucia Coppola, Herb it Forward Scholarhip recipient.

March 24, 2015  Herb it Foward Scholarship recipient, Lucia Coppola, was featured on her local news site,

The Journal

March 2015  Herb it Foward Scholarship recipient, Kendall Hollas, was featured in her local paper, The Journal.

The Nonprofit Journal

March 10, 2015  The Nonprofit Journal radio show interviews Matt Tutelman, Director of Operations at Hope Paige, about the company.

Orlando Family Magazine

February 2015  Hope Paige is featured in Orlando Family Magazine in their Health & Wellness Products section. The editor writes, “these bands ─ custom engraved with must-know health info ─ allows for a stylish alternative to clunky medical bracelets.”

The Better Show

January 20, 2015  Hope Paige’s pregnancy ID bracelets were featured on The Better Show with Mommy Lifestyle Expert, Lauren Jimeson. The product was included in a great round-up of products that are must-haves for new moms.

Business News Daily

January 11, 2015  Shelly Fisher, CEO & President of Hope Paige Designs, is featured on Business News Daily in an article titled “15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions for 2015”. Shelly’s resolution for Hope Paige & 4id was include: “In 2015 we will continue our decade-plus resolve to do the very best for every single customer-every member of our Hope Paige and 4id family. To say thank you, we created 15 'Herb it Forward' scholarships, to be awarded in 2015 to a customer or their family member whose future leadership will continue to pay it forward in society."

January 10, 2015  Hope Paige is featured on About.comin a website roundup story titled, “Sites of the Day: January 2015 - Worthwhile Special-Needs Spots on the Web.” Located in their “Parenting for Children with Special Needs section,” Hope Paige was included in a top website roundup as a go-to shopping destination for parents seeking new products for children with special needs or conditions.

News 13 This Morning &

December 24, 2014  Hope Paige is featured in a holiday travel segment on Asheville, North Carolina ABC affiliate News 13 This Morningand its online counterpart, ABC’s lifestyle expert states that this is a favorite item of hers, as it’s a stylish way to keep those with medical conditions such as allergies or diabetes safe while traveling.

Fox 45 In the Morning & ABC 22 Good Morning

December 16, 2014  Hope Paige was featured on Fox 45 In The Morning and ABC 22 Good Morning in two holiday travel segments. The expert states that Hope Paige bracelets are great “for anyone with a medical condition, kids or adults” and are ideal because not only do they have a medical insignia engraved, but inside includes the wearer’s medical condition.

The Express-Times

December 11, 2014  Shelly Fisher, CEO & President of Hope Paige Designs is included in a feature story in the Express-Times in an article titled, “Peanut allergies: Tools for preventing bullying.” The article states that “one third of children with food allergies report being bullied” and it has become a growing problem in schools, which is “one of the things Shelly Fisher keeps in mind as she's designing medical alert bracelets for kids.”

November 28, 2014  Hope Paige was included in a story “Friday Finds: Gifts that Give Back.” The editor states that Hope Paige teamed up with celebrities to create custom bracelets that give back 100% of profit to various charities.

December 3, 2014  Hope Paige was in a featured review on Night Helper as a “2014 Top Pick Holiday Gift.” The editor states that they’re “gorgeous” medical ID accessories that can be custom engraved and a great gift for mom, dad, kid or anyone with a medical condition.

November 24, 2014  Hope Paige's celebrity bracelets are featured on in a feature article titled, “Gifts that Give Back this Holiday Season.” The story highlights Hope Paige’s partnership with celebrities to give back to charities of the celebrity’s choice.

SUCCESS Magazine

December 2014  Shelly Fisher, President & CEO of Hope Paige, is currently featured in the December issue of SUCCESS Magazine in their “Top of Mind” section.

Marino Bambino’s Expectant Mama Gift Guide for 2014

November 2, 2014  Hope Paige is included in Marino Bambino’s Expectant Mama Gift Guide for 2014. The editor writes that Hope Paige jewelry is a “stylish way for mom to stay safe with a variety of unique accessories.”

New Age Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide for Moms-to-be of 2014

October 21, 2014  Hope Paige is featured in New Age Mama’s Holiday Gift Guide for Moms-to-be of 2014. The editor writes that “each bracelet comes customized for the wearer and is available in a variety of stylish colors she'll love.”

Las Vegas Woman Magazine

September 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured in the Fall issue of Las Vegas Woman Magazine in a round-up titled, “Goody Bag – Embrace Fall With These Beauty Picks.” The pieces states, “Update your loved ones medical ID with a fashionable design from Hope Paige. They are the perfect balance of safety and style while keeping important medical information handy.”

Women's World Magazine

September 2014  Hope Paige's “Hieroglyphics” necklace is featured in Women’s World magazine in the “This is Your Lucky Week!” section as a reader giveaway item.

NBC Salt Lake City, UT

September 22, 2014  Hope Paige's Children’s Slap Bracelet was featured on KSL5 (NBC) News At Noon in a Baby Safety Month segment about, “new baby related products that will help keep your children safe.”

Mi Familia Magazine

September 2014  Hope Paige is featured in the September issue of Mi Familia Magazinein their Product News section. The editor writes that “Medical Bracelets with personalized identification data are an indispensable tool since the bracelets provide information to the emergency services will be able to act more quickly.” 

Business News Daily

September 9, 2014  Shelly Fisher, Founder & CEO of Hope Paige, is featured in an article on Business News Daily titled “Starting a Business? 7 Entreprenuers Share Their Stories” The story of why and how Hope Paige was started is shared as well as Shelly’s advice to future entrepreneurs.

Senior Outlook Today

September 2014  Hope Paige's "Daffodil Dreams" bracelet is currently featured on Senior Outlook Today in their 2014 Back to School Gift Guide in the Health and Wellness section. The editor states that this bracelet “can be worn as a wrap bracelet or as an elegant necklace in Hope Paige’s first ever two-in-one combination.

Max Sports & Fitness Magazine

September/October  2014 Hope Paige and Misty May-Treanor’s bracelet are featured in the September/October issue of Max Sports & Fitness in their Breast Cancer Awareness spotlight issue as the top BCA-inspired accessory readers can purchase to “feel encouraged.”

First for Women

September 2014  Hope Paige's "We Are Family" non-medical necklace is featured in First For Women in the “You Can Win It!” section. The write up mentions that “Loved ones will be even closer to the heart for the five FIRST readers who win this necklace from jewelry designer Hope Paige…”

Time Out New York

August 18, 2014  Hope Paige's Braided Elastic Medical ID is featured on Time Out New YorkKid’s section in an article titled, “The ultimate back-to-school supply list for kids.” The article highlights the best products, supplies and fashions for kids heading back to school this season.

Huffington Post

August 18, 2014  Shelly Fisher, President of Hope Paige, is featured on the Huffington Post in the Women in Business section. The article features Shelly’s tips on work/life balance and advice for other women entrepreneurs.

August 2014  Shelly Fisher, President of Hope Paige, is featured on in the “Hit the Ground Running” section in an article titled “What’s More Important In Hiring Than A Good Cover Letter? A Lot”. Shelly shares her do’s and don’ts for the hiring process.

Parents Magazine

September 2014  Hope Paige's Children’s Rainbow Slap Bracelet is featured in the September issue of Parents Magazine in their stay healthy section in an article titled “The New Food Rules.”

Talk of Alabama Morning Show

July 24, 2014  Hope Paige's Silicone Wrap Watch was featured on the local ABC affiliate Talk of Alabama” Morning Show in Birmingham, AL in a segment titled, “Must-haves for pool, beach bags.” as an ideal beach essential for summer.

Life & Style Weekly

July 2014  Hope Paige is featured in Life & Style Weekly in the “Save in Style!” section.

NBC affiliate “3 Plus You” Morning Show

Hope Paige's Silicone Watch Wrap was featured on the local NBC affiliate “3 Plus You” Morning Show in Chattanooga, TN in a segment titled, “Beach Bag Essentials.” The expert states that not only is it a perfect watch for the beach because it is waterproof, but it also comes engraved with the wearer’s information.

Local 8 News This Morning

July 3, 2014  Hope Paige was featured on local CBS affiliate Local 8 News This Morning in their “Traveling Tips for Moms and Newborns” segment. The expert noted that the Hope Paige bracelets are perfect for travel and summer camp for kids. 

USA Today Magazine

July 2014  Hope Paige is featured in the July 2014 issue of USA Today Magazine in the “What’s New” section in an article titled, “Be Well During Summer Escapades.” The article states that Hope Paige is “perfect for kids and adults” and can “be customized with an engraving on the back to alert EMTs of medical conditions.

Ev Curl Gurl

July 4, 2014  Hope Paige's "Star Spangled" Bracelet and "My Country Tis' of Beads" Bracelet are featured in a blog post titled, "4th of July Patriotic Product Picks."

Style on Main

July 3, 2014  Hope Paige's "Star Spangled" Bracelet is featured as a great piece for the 4th of July.

Fashion Blog by Apparel Search

July 1, 2014  Hope Paige's "Star Spangled" Bracelet and "My Country Tis' of Beads" Bracelet are featured as "the ultimate USA-themed safety accessory for 2014."

CBS Affiliate Local 8 Now

July 1, 2014  Hope Paige was featured on CBS affiliate Local 8 Now in a segment titled “Gym Bag Essentials.” Expert Lindsay Wright states the importance of health and fitness during the summer months, and includes Hope Paige’s silicone wrap watch as a great essential to keep on hand when heading to the gym to prep for summer.

Hanging Off The Wire

July 1, 2014  Hanging Off The Wire reviews Hope Paige Medical ID bracelets and writes, "Hope Paige has so many cool and different designs. There is literally something for everyone!"

Arizona Health & Living

July 2014  Hope Paige is featured in the July issue of Arizona Health & Living in their “Back to School Guide” section. The editor states that Hope Paige bracelets are available in fun colors and designs and will “provide a subtle way to keep kids safe without feeling branded.”

Smart CEO

July/August 2014 Shelly Fisher, President of Hope Paige Medical ID is featured in the July/August issue of Smart CEO in an article titled, “People, not positions” in their Inside Out section.

Chataigne Style

June 30, 2014  Hope Paige's "Star Spangled" Bracelet is featured in Chataigne Style's "4th of July Style Guide."

Local Memphis Live

June 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured on ABC affiliate Local Memphis Live in a segment titled, “Beach Bag Essentials.” The expert, Joelle Pittman, walked viewers through top essentials to keep on-hand when hitting the beach this summer and included the Hope Paige silicone watch as one of her favorites.

Central Valley Today

June 26, 2014  Hope Paige was featured in a segment about “Summer Essentials” on local NBC affiliate Central Valley Today in Fresno, CA. The host noted that the Hope Paige Silicone Watch is a great accessory to bring to the beach and is available in 4 fun colors. &

June 17, 2014 and both included Hope Paige in a summer color trend story highlighting fashion’s most popular colors recently released for summer. The says Hope Paige will “bring a bit of sunshine while serving as a great statement or stacking bracelet.”

Mom's Lifesavers

June 2014  Hope Paige Medical ID bracelets are featured in a review on Mom's Lifesavers. The review states, "Hope Paige’s line of medical ID bracelets replace the old drab and clunky accessories with a great line of colorful, stylish and fun bracelets for kids! The perfect way to alert respondents, counselors and others of a child’s condition in a subtle way..."

Nicki's Random Musings

June 2014  Hope Paige was included in Nicki’s “Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas” article as an ideal last-minute gift to pick up “for the guy with allergies, a heart condition or diabetes” ideal to keep them safe wherever they go.

LA Splash

June 2014  Hope Paige was included in the LA Splash “Father’s Day Style & Fashion Gift Guide.” The editor writes that the stainless steel bold plate bracelet is “perfect for anyone with a medical condition” as it “arrives custom engraved with must-know info and blends into everyday wear while standing out to medical personnel in an emergency.”

Local NBC Affiliate, "Central Valley Today"

May 21, 2014  Hope Paige was featured on local NBC affiliate Central Valley Today in Fresno, CA in a segment titled, “Summer Camp Survival Kit.” The host states that Hope Paige has ideal accessories for kids diagnosed with an illness or medical condition and can be customized to alert EMTs of medical conditions your child may have.

CW Phoenix, AZ affiliate, “Good Morning! Arizona”

May 18, 2014  Hope Paige bracelets were featured in a segment on CW Phoenix, AZ affiliate, “Good Morning! Arizona,” in a segment highlighting top products to bring to Summer Camp.

May 18, 2014  Hope Paige bracelets are featured on, a blog about child-friendly products, craft ideas and more in a post about getting ready for summer camp.

Westchester Family Magazine

May 2014  Hope Paige is included in the “ultimate guide to summer” issue of Westchester Family Magazine in a sub-section titled, “Kid Safety Wear.”

Atlanta, GA CBS affiliate

May 11, 2014  Hope Paige was featured on a local Atlanta, GA CBS affiliatein a segment titled, “Mother’s Day Gifts.” During the segment, Fashion/parenting expert Quinn Ryan Smith describes Hope Paige as a great item for the mom with a medical condition like allergies or diabetes.

Health Monitor Magazine

April/May 2014  Hope Paige is featured in the April/May 2014 special Diabetes issue of Health Monitor Magazine in the “My Style” section in an article titled, “How I rock my medical jewelry.” The article highlights the variety of ways to wear medical jewelry, from necklaces and medical ID bracelets to tattoos, and states that the medical alert market now sports extremely stylish options for all ages.

Colorado Parent

April 2014  Hope Paige is featured in the summer survival guide issue of Colorado Parentin their “Good to Know” section featuring helpful tips, products and resources for Colorado parents. The editor writes that, “one way to give yourself some piece of mind is to have your child wear a medical ID bracelet” to alert camp staffers of your child’s condition in an emergency.

National Examiner

April 14, 2014  Hope Paige is featured in the National Examinerin the giveaway section of their Healthy Living page. The editor writes that readers can be stylish and smart with this life-saving Hope Paige medical ID bracelet created exclusively by The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik.

March 30, 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured on Examiner.comin an Autism Awareness Month articled titled, “Autism Identified in Record Numbers of Children.” The editor references Hope Paige stating that, “medical identification bracelets are becoming a popular method to raise autism awareness and help identify children with autism in an emergency situation.”

NBC's 11Alive

April 2014  Hope Paige was featured on NBC’s 11Alive in a morning segment highlighting April’s Autism Awareness Month titled, “Keeping Autistic Kids Safe.” Autism expert and parent, Marnie Witter, mentioned that because those with autism can be non-verbal or have impulse control issues, Hope Paige medical ID bracelets can ensure their safety.

Nola Baby & Family Magazine

March/April  Hope Paige is featured in the March/April Summer Camp issue of Nola Baby & Family Magazine in their “What We Dig: Cool Stuff” section highlighting great products for kids and families. The editor states that, “these medical ID bracelets from Hope Paige only stand out to medical professionals” and mentions that bracelets can either be “condition-specific or customizable with your child’s necessary information.”

Velocity Magazine

March/April 2014  Hope Paige is featured in Velocity Magazine in their “Buy N Try” section of the March/April 2014 issue.

Minnesota Parent

March 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured in the March issue of Minnesota Parent. The editor states, “Hope Paige has created a set of medical ID bracelets that are discreet enough in everyday wear…but will instantly provide necessary information to any camp counselor or medical professional if the need arises.”

Fox 45 Morning News Weekend

March 1, 2014  The Hope Paige 4ID Sports Silicone Bracelet was featured in a segment on the Baltimore FOX affiliate morning show, Fox 45 Morning News Weekend in a segment  titled, “Health Check.”

March, 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured on Telegram.comin a slideshow titled, “New Products for Moms.” The editor states that, “It’s best to always be ready in case an accident should arise” and for those with medical conditions, wearing a Hope Paige bracelet will keep wearers safe in case of emergency.


March, 2014  Hope Paige’s Braided Elastic Bracelet was featured on KSWB-TV, the FOX affiliate in San Diego, CAon the show’s recurring segment “Mommy Daddy Handbook – Mommy’s Favorite Things.”

Wichita Family Magazine

January/February 2014  Wichita Family Magazine is currently featuring the new 4id bracelet and the Hope Paige Slap Bracelet in a round-up on the best gift ideas for the people you love.

WBMA-TV’s Talk of Alabama

February 2014  Hope Paige was featured on WBMA-TV’s Talk of Alabama, the local ABC Affiliate in Birmingham, AL, in a segment titled, “Child Safety Products.” Safety expert Allana stated that children suffering from seizures, allergies or other healthcare needs finally have a more fashionable option when choosing accessories that will keep them safe..." 

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

February 2, 2014  Hope Paige and Mayim Bialik’s bracelet were featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as well as the online counterpart, in their Home and Away section in an article titled, “Love Is In The Air: 15 Gift Ideas For Your Valentine.”

Senior Outlook Today

February 7, 2014  Hope Paige is featured on Senior Outlook Today in an article titled, “2014 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.”  The post states that giving the gift of safety and style is possible with Hope Paige, makers of customized medical ID bracelets.

January 31, 2014  Hope Paige and the celebrity bracelet campaign are currently featured on MiamiHerald.comin their People section in an article titled, “Hot stuff celebrities love.”  The editor writes that wearing a medical ID bracelet is “like a badge of honor when it's designed by celebrities.”

January 31, 2014  Hope Paige is featured on in "15 Great Gift Ideas for your Valentine." The article recommends giving a Hope Paige MEdical ID to your loved one for Valentine's Day.

Life & Style Weekly

January 20, 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured in an issue of Life & Style Weekly in the “Save in Style” section.  The write-up includes a 25% coupon and states that “fashion meets function with these, cute contemporary medical emergency bracelets and awareness jewelry."

McKinney Mommas

January 8, 2014  Hope Paige is featured in an article titled, “5 Tips for Making Healthy Resolutions in the New Year.” The article includes Hope Paige’s silicone watch band and states that it is a great way to keep wearers safe and healthy as they tackle their resolutions.

Motherhood Moment

January 7, 2014  Hope Paige is currently featured in a review article titled, “Winter Must-Have Essentials for Mom and Baby.” The editor states, “If your child has a medical condition, consider having him or her wear a medical ID bracelet from Hope Paige. They are waterproof and can list their exact medical condition should an emergency occur.”


January 3, 2013  Hope Paige is featured in an article, "Hope Paige, Celebrities to Donate Bracelet Profits to Charities." The article quotes Shelly Fisher, Hope Paige's CEO, "We are so appreciative that these celebrities have come on board to help us raise awareness about the importance of wearing a medical ID bracelet.”

Apparel Search

January 2, 2014  Hope Paige is featured in a story titled, “Radiant Orchid Color Trend 2014” highlighting Pantone’s 2014 color of the year. The Hope Paige Braided Elastic Bracelet is the fourth product highlighted and the editor states that it is an ideal accessory to keep females safe and fashion-forward.


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Writing to share that Hope Paige is currently featured in Velocity Magazine (circulation: 40,000) in their “Buy N Try” section of the March/April 2014 issue.


A great image of the Kid’s Gluten Free bracelet is included in the section. The editor writes that this Medical ID Bracelet is ideal “for camp or school” and a direct mention of the Hope Paige website is also included.


Fun, stylish medical ID braclets that you'll love to wear!
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