Fun stylish medical ID bracelets that you will love to wear!
In an emergency, push the button on your pendant to connect to an operator
EMT Certified operators will assist you and will stay on the line until help arrives
Help is dispatched, if needed, and family members are contacted if necessary

Most pendants have button activation; the problem is you cannot talk into that button. You have to yell to where ever the receiver is located. With MediPendant, you are able to talk directly into the pendant. No more yelling.

The operators hear you in real time, whereas other companies have toggled reception. It becomes more like using a walkie-talkie and only one person can speak at a time. With MediPendant, the operator won’t miss a word and you’ll be sure to hear everything they are saying.

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Fun, stylish medical ID braclets that you'll love to wear!
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